"…[the TOEIC® program has] been taken throughout the year to measure achievement and improve English."

Kim Gyeong Hee,
HR Development Division,
Seoul Metropolitan Government (South Korea)

Fueled by almost 40 years as industry leader and an unwavering commitment to research, over 14,000 organizations in over 160 countries rely on the TOEIC® tests to accurately measure English-language skills. Assessing English skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing for the workplace and mapped to CEFR levels, the TOEIC program provides the comprehensive and comparable data you need to cultivate stronger global talent and make better-informed decisions within your government and for your country.

The TOEIC program can be used to drive more effective teaching and learning standards of English. By setting stronger global standards and supporting the learning process experts, citizens and employees are better prepared for the workplace where English skills are required, contributing to their economic well-being and prosperity of your country. This can bolster your nation’s worldwide reputation, helping you stand out in global markets and on the international stage.


Discover how the BRICS Summit Organizing Committee used TOEIC® tests to efficiently assess the language skills of hundreds of hospitality volunteers for the 2017 international event hosted in China.

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Michelin uses the TOEIC tests to ensure its employees have the English-communication skills necessary to work across international offices. See how the TOEIC tests help Michelin stay globally competitive.

23 May 2022

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