"TOEIC® is a global test measurement tool which brings trust and transparency in its results..." 
- Thiago Panicacci, HR Head, Starbucks (Brazil)

Whether you work for a corporation, educational institution or government entity, or you are an individual who needs to prove your English proficiency, the TOEIC® tests give you more than a score. They are a catalyst for progress, giving you a competitive advantage through improved English communication skills.

Backed by almost 40 years of research and expertise in standardized testing, the TOEIC® program assesses the four core English-language skills, providing fair, reliable and accurate scores as well as meaningful interpretation of those scores. These actionable insights along with the support of our local ETS Preferred Network empower organizations and individuals around the world to make decisive, successful progress in the global economy.

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To capitalize on the globalization of markets, you need a more English proficient workforce. You can’t afford the risks of miscommunication or missed opportunities. Whether screening high volumes of candidates, quickly identifying top candidates in a narrowing talent pool, or selecting the best qualified for the job, you need to ensure your workforce has the skills they need to propel your organization forward. With an English-language assessment solution that can accurately demonstrate individual’s capabilities and objectively compare individuals, you will have the reliable data to confidently make these critical talent management decisions.

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Educational Institutions

A commitment to the excellence of your institution and serving the English-language needs of your students, requires you to have the most reliable and internationally recognized assessments to give your students the best chance of success. In turn, your students' success will elevate your institution’s reputation among applicants and employers. Your administrators need reliable and actionable data from which they can confidently evaluate the performance of your students and the effectiveness of your programs. You need an English-language assessment solution that accurately demonstrates individual capabilities, delivers clear and comprehensive data, and is reputable among employers and accrediting agencies.

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English proficiency is an important indicator of national competitiveness and economic performance. In order for government entities to demonstrate leadership or potential in the global economy, it is essential for you to accurately evaluate the proficiency levels of your citizens and employees, comparable on a global scale. An assessment that closely and reliably reflects individuals’ understanding and use of English in a workplace can also provide a fair and objective measure to show improvements over time and reinforce the investment value in your country’s educational and development programs.

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Test Takers

As global markets continue to expand and job opportunities become increasingly competitive, you need to find effective ways to differentiate yourself. That means building a unique, robust resume that demonstrates your ability to thrive in a global market. The right English-language assessment can offer accurate measurement and fair representation of your workplace communication skills regardless of age, gender, nationality or background. Finding one that employers value most can be a critical advantage, providing immediate recognition and credibility of your credentials.

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