CITI: The global talent exchange

Rotating talent among offices in other countries allows companies to develop their employees’ skills and place them where their expertise can have the biggest impact. For Citi, a leading global financial services company, English is a prerequisite for hire. English proficiency enables Citi to move talent to other offices worldwide and ensure effective communication. Citi’s global mobility program helps build employee engagement and foster growth. Through the program, employees reap both personal and professional benefits, like a first-hand experience of life in another country and how that impacts the way they do business. In addition, they also have the opportunity to share and acquire skills from other top Citi employees. Through the program, Citi develops necessary leadership capabilities. Employees are able to more easily adapt to cultural differences. This allows them to think innovatively, see opportunities and take on new challenges.

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The Globalization of Japan

Japan has a rich history of innovation that has secured its leadership on the world stage and its economic future.

01 November 2015

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