About the redesigned TOEIC Bridge® Tests

The redesigned TOEIC Bridge® tests are a better way to accurately assess basic-to intermediate-level English communication skills needed in everyday life and the workplace. Measuring English proficiency across all four skill areas, these module-based assessments allow you to evaluate foundational English-language ability.

Redesigned to provide a more complete picture of English-language proficiency

The redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests focus on an individual’s basic- to intermediate-level English proficiency by reliably assessing all four communication skills – listening, reading, speaking, and writing – in everyday situations, including common workplace scenarios and tasks in everyday life.

Why use the redesigned TOEIC Bridge® tests

Enhance screening and
placement decisions

Optimize resources and
program effectiveness

Motivate individuals to
improve English proficiency

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TOEIC Bridge tests for you

The redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests are an objective and effective tool to measure students’ basic to intermediate, everyday English communication skills, helping you place students in the appropriate courses, evaluate their progress, and prepare them for real-life success.

When enrolling and placing students in English-language programs, you must first identify the appropriate course for each student’s proficiency level. The redesigned module-based TOEIC Bridge tests provide an efficient and accurate evaluation of students’ everyday English skills, so you can make placement decisions with confidence.

Educators need reliable assessment data to inform curriculum decisions and make teaching and learning more effective. Detailed performance data from the redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests enables teachers tailor English-language instruction to support student progression. Scores can also be analyzed at the aggregate level, enabling institutions to demonstrate the strength of their curriculum to school administrators and accrediting bodies.

You need a comprehensive and accurate assessment of basic to intermediate English proficiency to make informed decisions about students’ progress. The redesigned TOEIC Bridge tests assess all four communication skill areas and test questions incorporate common workplace scenarios and everyday situations, so you can determine whether your students have the communication ability required to graduate from your program, move on to more advanced instruction, or communicate effectively in the workplace.

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