In today’s competitive global market, English communication skills are becoming as important as technical skills. Being English proficient is an imperative for success in the global workplace - for both organizations and individuals alike.

As globalization creates a growing need for English proficiency and building a more skilled and effective workforce, assessment is an important step in ensuring the talent decisions you make – whom to recruit, select, train, promote and retain – are the best for your organization. The TOEIC® program is the world’s most comprehensive assessment of English for the workforce, providing over 14,000 organizations in 150 countries the trusted data needed to make decisions with confidence.

The TOEIC® tests give you more than a score – they are a catalyst for progress. Through meaningful interpretation and evaluation of test scores, you receive actionable insight that empowers individuals to make decisive, successful progress. 

"The TOEIC test has proved very effective in creating awareness of working for a global company, promoting employees’ self-development and increasing their skills." 
- Taira Niwata, HR Manager, Pigeon Corporation

Why English matters

English is the global language of business. It can transform the workplace, helping organizations increase collaboration among colleagues, improve customer satisfaction and drive global growth. That is why organizations around the world rely on English-language proficiency to maintain their competitive advantage in today’s global market.

As the global business ecosystem develops, so must the way individuals and organizations evaluate English proficiency to ensure that, in an increasingly competitive backdrop, a competitive advantage is maintained. The need for standardized and reliable testing is more important than ever.

As a member of a corporation, educational institution, government entity, or as an individual, the TOEIC® program empowers you to take your prospects further and seek competitive advantage through improved English communication skills. Select a topic of interest below to learn more about how the TOEIC® tests can help expand your opportunities and progress your potential.

Resources for you

Explore our resource library to find extensive information on the importance of English-language proficiency and the impact of assessments.

Falling Through the Cracks Whitepaper

The creators of the TOEIC® Program partnered with Ipsos Public Affairs to conduct a global survey of multinational companies around the world to assess their perspective on business challenges to global expansion.

01 September 2017

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Sykes: Business is calling for English

SYKES made English a priority and set proficiency requirements for employee recruitment and advancement, as well as established ongoing Employee Developmentinitiatives.

01 May 2014

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Explore the Impact of English Proficiency on Global Business

Introduction videos to present impact & benefits of English proficiency on global business.

01 October 2015

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A Student’s Perspective

A young scientist recognizes that knowing English has allowed her to access the vast body of research written in English

01 October 2016

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On the Path to Dream Profession

Demonstrating how English has helped a Japanese man to reach his dream profession as a tour guide.

01 October 2016

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Perspective from an Academic Institution

Focus on how English functions as a useful tool at a university for both the students and the institution itself.

01 October 2016

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Café Britt: Brewing Global Success

Café Britt case study: For Café Britt, a gourmet coffee producer in Costa Rica, making English proficiency a workforce priority has helped expand sales and operations to North America, South America and beyond.

01 June 2014

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The power of English assessment

Interview of key executives and employees at leading global companies (ON, Citi, Intel, KPMG, Nissin, Olympus Corporation, P&G and Sony) about English proficiency and how it helps their business.

01 October 2015

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No matter your industry, English is key.

When ETS and Ipsos Public Affairs surveyed 749 HR leaders of large, multinational companies in 13 countries, a common thread across varying industries was the priority placed on English language skills.

01 February 2016

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Olympus: Linking English Assessment with Career Advancement

Olympus executive perspective: product manager at Olympus explains how an English-proficient workforce can impact a company’s success?

01 April 2016

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